Hands-On ETL

One-day Course

Certificate Course

Prerequisite: This course assumes basic understanding of relational database and data warehousing terms and concepts
One-day Course

You Will Learn
       • The best practices, in both data and technical architectures, for implementing a successful extraction, transformation, and loading process
       • The core components to effective ETL processes
       • Through extensive lab exercises, you will gain hands-on experience with leading ETL tools, including:
       • Informatica Power Center Sources/Targets
       • Informatica Power Center Transformation Designer
       • Informatica Power Center Workflow Manager
       • MS Data Transformation Services
       • Other (the combination of products is based on availability)
       • How and when to effectively apply leading ETL tools
       • How to compare and contrast ETL features in order to make the best decision for your organization

Geared To
: Anyone involved in the design and construction of extraction, transformation, and loading of a data warehouse.

     Hands-On ETL is committed to providing a non-biased lecture on best-of-class technologies and techniques as well as exposing participants to leading ETL tools, their use, and their application. The course begins with an examination of data and technical architectures specific to ETL. Participants are then led through discussions and lab exercises that emphasize product features, functionality, and applicability of products such as DataStage, SAS, MS DTS, Oracle Warehouse Builder, and Syncsort.

     This course is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to compare and experience critical features of leading ETL tools. In a formal lab setting, students will use three tools for extracting, transforming, cleansing, and loading raw source data into a target star schema. Extensive lab time provides students with valuable insight into the features of each product and how they may fit in students' warehouse efforts.


Formalized project management is critical to the success of any data warehouse project. Data warehouse projects that are implemented without formal project management principles are more likely to experience issues with factors such as budget, deliverables, and overall satisfaction in customer experience than those that used a formal project management metho-dology.

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The definition of a data warehouse has taken on many meanings and interpretations throughout the years. But at its core, a data warehouse represents a consolidated view of an entity's data...