Hands-On Business Intelligence: The Next Wave

One-day Course

Certificate Course

Prerequisite: This course assumes basic understanding of relational databases and data warehousing terms and concepts

You Will Learn:

    • The best practices for blending data mining, portal, and spatial data technology into your business intelligence solution
    • The core components to effective spatial analysis, data mining, meta data, and portal applications
    • Through extensive lab exercises, you will gain hands-on experience with leading business intelligence tools, including:
            • Business Objects
            • Hyperion (BRIO) Query
            • Microsoft Analysis Services
            • Cognos
    •How and when to effectively apply advanced business intelligence technology in order to enhance your information content and analytical landscape

Geared To: Anyone involved in the design and construction of business intelligence solutions for an enterprise

   Business intelligence is well beyond the domain of traditional topics such as ETL and OLAP. Today, business intelligence drives the information organization with technologies and techniques that allow the enterprise to glean insight from volumes of data.

   This course examines five of the most influential technologies that supplement traditional tools and impact business intelligence, including spatial analysis, data mining, meta data, portals, and real-time data warehousing. In addition to leading technologies, the course examines leading business intelligence techniques in the implementation of real-time data warehousing, zero-latency, and business activity monitoring (BAM).
   Participants are given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the tangible value each technology brings to any warehouse effort.
  Hands-On Business Intelligence" is designed to provide participants with a non-biased view of leading business intelligence tools.

Cost:                                   $ 750.00

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The definition of a data warehouse has taken on many meanings and interpretations throughout the years. But at its core, a data warehouse represents a consolidated view of an entity's data – an integration point for all sources into one vision of the organization. ..