What is Business Intelligence?

    Business Intelligence (BI) is insight – insight into information that is required to make sound business decisions. BI is a key component of a successful data warehouse endeavor. Without proper thought put into the BI landscape, organizations may struggle. Not because data is not there, but because the BI environment does not allow decisions to be made with the data that is available.

What factors make for a sound BI decision?

   • Business Intelligence tools and infrastructure
   • Business Intelligence planning including scoping and analysis
   • Business performance management

Why is Business Intelligence Important?

   In today's economy – with both compliance and competition controlling and narrowing the landscape, it is important to make sound business decisions based on concise, complete data. With the proper BI implementation, organizations can make those decisions and feel comfortable that they are armed with the proper tools and data needed in order to believe in their decisions. Without the correct BI solution even the best data warehouse architecture can fail. Therefore, it is important to find the right implementation for your organization.

What is the Value of Business Intelligence?

   Just imagine walking into a business meeting where all analysts in the meeting are working with the same, accurate, complete set of data. The value of decisions made in those types of meetings is unsurpassable. This can be accomplished not only with the correct data warehouse strategy, but also with a Business Intelligence solution that is flexible enough to support the right data, and put that data into the right hands. The architecture you choose for Business Intelligence will have the most direct impact on the positive outcome of the customer experience – both internal and external to an organization.

How Can Innovative Logic Help?

   • Business Intelligence Assessment
   • Business Intelligence RFP templates
   • Business Intelligence Tool Evaluation

   • Business Intelligence Leadership and Mentoring
   • Hyperion Intelligence (formerly Brio Intelligence) Migration Assessment


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