What is VLDW?

   Data is everywhere, growing in size and value. Data is available from a myriad of sources: internal systems, web sources, third-party value-add systems, departmental data and a host of other possibilities. In today's economy, these sources need to be integrated in order to make the most informed, accurate decisions. This leads to a potentially complex integration environment – the creation of a Very Large Data Warehouse (VLDW).
Innovative Logics' VLDW practice focuses on both the business and technical aspects of building an infrastructure to support the voluminous amounts of data and information. To effectively integrate data from CRM, supply chain, extranet, financial data and other areas requires the ability to manage and control the astounding volume and complexity of data, business rules and synergy between the integrated systems.

Why is VLDW Important?

   Do you have a good technique for nailing down VLDW requirements with your end users? Do you have analysts trained in capturing reporting and analysis requirements? If not, we can help by supplying you with tools and processes to optimize the time spent gathering information from your business community. This is always an important step in building a warehouse environment. But it is imperative when it comes to VLDW.
It is important to implement all areas of VLDW from the beginning. Because of the exponential amounts of data, and potential complexity, it is critical to understand all factors of VLDW in order to make the most sound, strategic decisions. If done correctly, with the incorporation of all aspects of a VLDW environment, your project will have a much higher likelihood of succeeding.

What is the Value of VLDW?

   We are seeing rapid change in both technology and the requirements for analysis of massive sets of information. More and more, businesses are looking at the related issues and recognizing that patterns, trends and analysis of these items are becoming critical to the success of the business.

From a technical perspective, successful VLDW environments must understand and strategize on many areas of the infrastructure.
   • Integration Services
   • Performance Driven Data Warehouse
   • VLDW Assessment
   • VLDW Project Plan Methodology
   • VLDW Modeling
   • Data Management
   • Data Cleansing and Quality
   • Meta Data Strategies
   • Business Rule Integration
   • Business Intelligence
   • Training Requirements and Options

   From a business perspective, successful VLDW environments must focus on the increasingly challenging experience of managing the expectations of the business users that will be accessing the VLDW environment. A paramount component of this management is keeping the business closely aligned with the implementation. Many of the issues experienced in a VLDW implementation are misaligned business expectations. Though technology plays a role in schedules and timelines, the business must remain involved in the progress and implementation schedule.
Innovative Logic Inc. offers expertise in the business of “managing business”.


The definition of a data warehouse has taken on many meanings and interpretations throughout the years. But at its core, a data warehouse represents a consolidated view of an entity's data – an integration point for all sources into one vision of the organization.

The definition of a data warehouse has taken on many meanings and interpretations throughout the years. But at its core, a data warehouse represents a consolidated view of an entity's data...

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